Organic Japanese Green Tea Facial Cleanser 50ml

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Organic Japanese Green Tea Facial Cleanser

Cleanser -

Are you still lathering up with a conventional cleanser? are you unsure about trying an oil based cleanser?

Your skin deserves the best -

Oil cleansers won't irritate your vulnerable skin, our plant oils, soothing ingredients and antioxidants will actually help to heal the skin as it cleans it.

What are the benefits of using our Oil-Based cleanser?

  • Oil dissolves Oil - dissolves excess oils in your own skin 

  • Our cleanser will let you enjoy a deep down cleanse in the most gentle manner 

  • Won't strip the skin or leave it tight and dry - synthetic brands use harsh, drying ingredients which puts your skin at risk of ageing. 

  • Reduces the risk of breakouts - if you strip your skin of oils, your skin tries to over-compensate for the lack of oil and increases oil production which causes skin breakouts.

  • Won't irritate your skin - Our blend is tough on make-up and grime but gentle on the most sensitive skin.

  • Leaves the skin soft and glowing 



Camellia Seed Oil

Meadowfoam Oil

Castor Oil

Vitamin e

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Rosewood Essential Oil

Patchouli Essential Oil

Rose Geranium Essential Oil

50ml in a stylish silver Airless pump, which can be fully recycled.