Luxurious Lavender & Helichrysum Organic Hand and Foot milk - 30ml

Luxurious Lavender & Helichrysum Organic Hand and Foot milk - 30ml


Pure organic Helichrysum Essential Oil – it  is one of the most precious & sought after essential oils. It has a honey like fragrance with a hint of tea.

The  Helichrysum flower is named “Everlasting” & “Immortal” because it retains its shape & beautiful yellow colouring even when it is picked & dried – it is wonderful for the skin.

Pure organic Lavender Fine Population Essential Oil – These flowers are harvested from France at high altitudes which makes the plant produce more esters & volatile chemicals this makes the other oils work harder as it is synergistic.

Organic Meadowfoam Seed Oil  – this is an edible oil, when the plant is in full bloom it resembles the white foam that rides the ocean waves.

Organic Baobab seed oil – is an emollient, it has soothing, softening & moisturising properties.

The Baobab tree is often referred to as the “upside down tree” as the branching top of the tree looks as if the whole tree has been turned upside down.

Organic Jojoba oil – Due to its similarity to human sebum, jojoba oil, a naturally derived liquid wax containing important vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, makes the ideal cosmetic ingredient for skin care products. It is particularly effective in facial care products, as it helps to remove excess oils and sinks into the skin with ease.

Vitamin E – an antioxidant, which protects against the destruction of connective tissue caused by free radicals.

Organic Sucragel AOF Bio – 100% preservative free thickening & emulsifying ingredient based on sugar chemistry.

Organic Rose Geranium water – Produced naturally as a by-product of essential oil distillation – a humectant attracting moisture to the skin & holding it in.

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