Zebra Plant - Alocasia Zebrina 14D 55cm

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Zebra Plant - Alocasia Zebrina 14D 55cm [variant_title] - Logan Malloch

Within the Alocasia family there are more than 70 different plant variants, but the zebra plant really stands out due to its zebra-like stems and its almost triangular large leaves. 
The zebra plant is one of those plants that will really bring personality to your home decor. It contributes with a tropical atmosphere and will quickly grow large and lush during the summer months.
Botanical name: Alocasia zebrina
The zebra plant is a relatively grateful plant to care for and is a good match for the interior design enthusiast who doesn't mind watering regularly.
Watering: The zebra plant should preferably not dry out completely. However, it is more tolerant to under-watering than overwatering, so rather water once too seldom than once too often. Water the plant regularly about once a week or every two weeks when the surface of the soil feels dry.
Location: The zebra plant would like to be placed in a room with lots of indirect sunlight. Unfortunately, it does not tolerate direct sunlight as it can burn its leaves and increases the risk of it drying out for too long.
Temperature: Place the plant at room temperatures of 15-30 °C. 
The zebra plant likes high humidity levels and therefore you can pamper your zebra plant in many different ways.
Spraying: The zebra plant will love you if you spray your plant with a spray bottle at regular intervals. How often you have to do this depends on how hot the room is – the best way to find out is to just try and adjust according to your plants reaction. When spraying your plant with water, it is important to keep in mind not to end up with "puddles" on the leaves, but that you achieve a slightly moist and even layer on all the leaves. Spray again when all the water has evaporated. It is better to spray a little and often than a lot and rarely.
Dust: As the zebra plant has large leaves, it may be a good idea to remove dust from them occasionally. Avoid rubbing the leaves of the plant when wiping them off and leave a little moisture on the leaves. That will also help increasing the humidity around the plant.

Fertiliser: During the hot period from about April to August, you can give your zebra plant a little fertiliser once in a while.
Note: Do not fertilise the plant during the winter period, as it does not grow as much as during the summer months.

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