Cinderella and The Glass Ceiling

Logan Malloch

Cinderella and The Glass Ceiling [variant_title] - Logan Malloch

"It's super creepy to kiss an unconscious woman. Poverty isn't solved by wearing glass footwear. Fairy stories need a reboot. In this rollicking parody of classic (read: patriarchal) tales, Mulan climbs the ranks in the army but wages a different war when she finds out she's getting paid less than her fellow male captains, Wendy learns never to trust a man-boy stalking her window, and Sleeping Beauty's prince gets a lesson in consent. Busting with funny and razor-sharp twists: fun, magical, necessary, and totally woke.

Author: Lane, Laura & Haun, Ellen
Format: Hardback
Illustrated: 25 colour illustrations
Pages: 128
Dimensions: 234x153mm"

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