Mottled Rubber Plant - Ficus elastica Tineke 19Ø 55cm

Logan Malloch

Mottled Rubber Plant - Ficus elastica Tineke 19Ø 55cm [variant_title] - Logan Malloch

Originating in countries such as India, Nepal, China and Malaysia, the rubber plant is used to a warm tropical climate. The rubber plant is characterised by the wide and shiny leaves, which have made popular as an indoor plant for more than 100 years – in fact, the story goes that the rubber tree was first seen as an indoor plant in the Victorian era, circa 1837-1900, when Queen Victoria ruled England.
The rubber plant suits most homes because it has a simplicity to it that matches well with the clean and simple look that characterises Scandinavian décor style.
Botanical name: Ficus elastica 

The rubber plant is an easy houseplant to care for and therefore it is a good match for beginners or for those who do not have time for demanding plants.
Water: When the surface of the soil starts to dry, you should water your rubber plant. Feel the soil and water when the top centimetre of soil is dry. If you're unsure whether it's time to water or not, wait an extra day, as overwatering really isn't good for your rubber tree's well-being.
Location: The rubber plant does not like to be moved around too much. It is therefore important that you take this into account when placing it in your décor. The rubber plant should ideally be placed where there’s lots of indirect light, but out of direct sunlight during midday.
Temperature: The plant thrives at room temperatures of 15-30 °C. It is not fond of cold, so do not place it in a place where the temperature is likely to fall below 15 °C..

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