Elephent’s Foot Plant - Nolina Recurvata (Beaucarnea) COCOZ pot 6Ø 15cm

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The Elephant Foot is a very easy plant that will be able to thrive and spread life in most homes. In the tuber, it stores water for dry periods, making it tolerant to drying out. The detailed pattern on the body with small joints makes it resemble an Elephant's Foot. The plant is native to eastern Mexico, where it can eventually grow into a tall palm tree.
Botanical name:  Beaucarnea recurvata  
An elephant foot is a very easy plant. It's a perfect match if you want lush plants in your home, but often forget to water your plants.
Watering: The Elephant Foot is perfectly fine with drying out between waterings and it'll tell you when it needs water. Look at its tuber, and if it starts to wrinkle and shrink, it's time to water. It typically only needs to be watered 1-2 times a month and during cold periods it can manage as long as a few months without water.
Location: The Elephant Foot plant will love a bright location, but also thrives nicely somewhere in the home with light shade. Be aware, however, that it will also need watering more often if it is in direct sunlight.
Temperature:  The plant thrives at temperatures between 8-30 °C.

If you want to spoil your Elephant Foot, it doesn't really take much - it's a very grateful plant. However, there are a few simple tricks that will make your elephant foot even more beautiful and exuberant.
A little haircut : When the plant gets new leaves, the oldest leaves will wither. Therefore, we recommend that you regularly peel off the old withered leaves so that the plant looks beautiful and fresh. 
Fertiliser: If you want to boost the growth of your elephant foot, you can give it a bit of fertiliser during the summer period. Just read the dosage instructions on the product you want to use - and make sure not to give too much.