Oats so Soft Baby Lotion 100ml

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This delightful baby lotion contains oat oil & pure Organic essential oils of Red Mandarin & Lavender to gently calm & soothe baby's delicate skin. 100ml

This Body Lotion is fantastic for babied from age zero to the elderly. It is so gentle and nourishing for sensitive skin,

Handmade in Leith, Edinburgh Scotland

100% Vegan


Oat Oil -

Rich in vitamins A, E and B as well as crammed with calcium, zinc, iron and manganese.

It is wonderful for anyone suffering from eczema or any other uncomfortable, dry skin condition. This is down to it’s wonderful moisturising properties and it’s ability to restore the skin barrier - meaning less itchy and inflammation and quicker healing.

This baby lotion is extra gentle and suitable for even the youngest new born skin. Oats have incredible antioxidant benefits, which make them pretty amazing as an anti-aging moisturiser too.

The oat oil used in our moisturizing natural beauty products help reverse the damage to your skin caused by UV rays, chemicals and pollution.

Oat Oil is great at removing dead skin cells & acting as a protective barrier. It penetrates the skin deeply & it is easily absorbed so there is no greasy residue.

Squalane -

Derived from Olive Oil, it is added to skin protection products - it's absorbed quickly by the skin & improves spreadability of vegetable oil blends. Human sebum (the substance in skin that keeps it moist and protected) is comprised of 13% squalene. However, squalene levels are high when we are newborn babies, peak in our twenties, and decline rapidly in our thirties and forties.

Laboratory studies attest to the anticancer, antioxidant, detoxifying, and hydrating properties of squalene. Whether you add it to your skin cream, or supplement with it as a nutrient, squalene is a must-have in your anti-aging arsenal.

Emulsifier L - A very natural and eco-friendly Emulisifier suited to making sprays and milky lotions for human skin.

It makes an emulsion that has a liquid crystal structure. This feels very light and elegant on the skin and is said to enhance the absorption of active materials. It slows down transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and keeps the skin hydrated for many hours after application.

Spring Water

Xanthan Gum - It is a polysaccahride that makes an excellent thickening agent. It enhances the stability of creams and lotions.

Preservative 12 - A mild Preservative.

D-Panthenol ( Vegan) - Binds water in the outer skin layer and once the D-Panthenol makes contact with living cells it converts to Vitamin B5. D-panthenol penetrates the skin, holding moisture, stabilising and boosting skin metabolism.

Lavender Organic Essential Oil - is a fragrant evergreen shrub, which holds healing properties it is widely used for its calming and relaxing qualities Soothes occasional skin irritations & helps skin recover from dryness, a must for babies, children and mums.

Red Mandarin Organic Essential Oil - a delightfully gentle oil which calms & maintains moisture balance in the skin.