Self Sufficiency: Cheesemaking

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A comprehensive yet concise look at how to make cheese at home!

Beginner-friendly instructions on how to get started, from raw ingredients to equipment, along with a brief history of cheese
More than 20 recipes, from curd cheese and Dunlop to brie and halloumi
Step-by-step directions for each recipe and method
Take your cheese further with moulded cheeses, herbs, spices, and other flavourings
Helpful advice on selling cheese—from equipment, tools, and supplies to storage, packaging, and distribution
This book will appeal to anyone with a love of cheese!

If you're seeking a healthier, greener, and more self-reliant lifestyle—and interested in quality, handcrafted, local products—this book will offer you accessible, practical advice on what to do, how to do it better, and how to save money making your own cheese.

Self-Sufficiency: Cheese Making covers every aspect of making cheese at home, from the tools and equipment you'll need for the job, and basic recipes, to making more complex cheeses—plus advice on setting up a small cheese business.

You don't need to be scientifically trained to make cheese, nor do you need to be an accomplished cook or possess expensive specialist equipment. Artisanal cheese maker Rita Ash shows you just how simple the cheesemaking process is and how, with a little care and attention, anyone can produce delicious handmade cheeses at home.

Whether you are a fan of the deliciously soft molded Brie or prefer a strong blue veined Stilton, there is a recipe here for everyone. Each of the recipes are clearly explained and include suggested uses for each of the finished cheeses. Plus, you'll find an invaluable troubleshooting section and handy glossary.

As no prior knowledge is assumed, this book is a must-read for aspiring beginners and experienced cheese makers alike!