Small Self-watering Origami Plant Pot

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POTR pots are flat pack, origami plant pots designed to self-water your plants, made from 100% recycled materials! These small pots can hold 9 to 10 cm plant pots.

The cotton cord doubles as the watering system, allowing your plants to self-regulate their water intake using tried and tested wicking technology. With a semi transparent frosted finish, it's easy to see when your plants are getting thirsty as the reservoir depletes, taking the guesswork out of watering. The 300ml water reservoir typically lasts around two weeks before needing refilled making POTR Pots the perfect companion for your plants while you're on holiday!

Shipped flat packed so they can be slipped through your letterbox, they have ensured POTR Pots have the smallest carbon footprint possible during transit. Once removed from the recycled cardboard envelope, POTR Pots are incredibly simple to assemble using the quick draw cotton cord, transforming the flat pattern into a beautiful multi-faceted pot capable of holding water in its base.